Hands-On LoRa Workshop

Are your hands itching to use LoRa™? Good! Now that KPN deployed the nation covering LoRaWAN network, the IoT Academy is organizing a monthly, Hands-On technical LoRa workshop together with KPN. In this workshop you will create your own LoRa-connected sensor device based on the IoT Academy's developer board Marvin, which is yours to keep. It is an Arduino based board with various sensor in / outputs ready for you to start your IoT application testing. We also help you to make your own application server including website, database and dashboard so when you finish the workshop, you can continue your project with a proof of concept!


During the workshop you will receive:

– IoT Academy Marvin developer board
– Temperature Sensor
– Expert guidance from IoT Academy and KPN
– Live KPN LoRa Network keys with test-credentials

You will go home with:

  • Working IoT hardware device with KPN LoRa connectivity
  • Working application server with LoRa authentication and security check
  • Custom build website, dashboard and database
  • Your own almost ready proof of concept to start testing with

The focus of this workshop will teach you the basics of LoRaWAN, as well as in depth information on LoRa radio communication, encryption and security on the KPN network using the Marvin board. In order to do this you will learn how to setup and use the KPN developer portal. How to get data from the device to a third party server using LoRa, and how to get data back to the device. Finally how to use IBM's online IoT Bluemix platform to collect, route, save or process your collected data.

The session will start at 16.00 and ends at 21:00 and includes pizza and drinks!

We will start with a presentation about LoRaWAN and about the provided hardware. We will break for pizza’s around six o’clock and continue with hands-on setting up of the Marvin boards and sending data back and forth. We will finish around nine o’clock.

Price includes all the material as mentioned above plus food and drinks during the session.

What is LoRa?

LoRa Long Range (& Low Power) will connect your Thing to the Internet. This radio-technique is specifically designed for the use by many devices, low power consumption and low costs. This enables the creation of cool application based on many cheap devices (a.k.a. The Internet of Things). And it’s here: KPN is building a nationwide coverage with LoRa.

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