Workshop Industrial Robotics with Rhino3D

In the workshop industrial robotics you will learn how to operate a industrial robot with Rhino3D software. You'll learn how to translate geometries into robot instructions and create an output of those instructions. The workshops in September are a pilot, hence the discount, in return we ask the participants to give their feedback.



Advanced 3D modeling skills are required to participate in this workshops. Preferably Rhino3D.


Please contact us to make an appointment. Our instructors are available on demand.

After you followed this workshop

After you followed this workshop you will be able to operate the industrial robot on your own safely with the use of RAP CAM software. Did we mention we have 2X Fanucs and 1x ABB robotic arm?

One example of the possibilities:

About the instructor

The Workshop will be given by Studio RAP. For more info check out their website: